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I cannot receive any text messages. Someone suggested I check that my Fizz phone number is registered with my Apple ID. I do not know why that would have anything to do with receiving text messages because I can send them. In order to add a phone number a code is sent by text and needs to be entered but I cannot enter the code because I cannot receive text messages. Anyway, thanks to those who tried to help. No one at tech support has a clue how to resolve this issue so I must bid adieu to Fizz Mobile. I have wasted too much time.

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    Hi @BillCanada

    with iMessage if your number is register with apple (since it was with a previous provider) and it is another Apple user that is sending a message this will be sent using Apple. Therefore, the phone must know your number, if the phone doesn't know your number, and iMessage is not registered with your number, you cannot receive SMS with iMessage (therefore 99% of apple user)

    Can you ask someone with an android to send the message?


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    I have just activated a new plan with a new number, and I cannot receive any text message, sending works fine, just cannot receive any SMS. Maybe there are some problems with receiving text in the system.
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