Does anyone know if progress has been made in getting Oneplus phones added to the VoLTE list?

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I've seen it mentioned in the past but I was wondering if anyone had seen any news anywhere regarding Oneplus phones being added to the VoLTE certified list for use in the US. Particularly the Oneplus 12. These phones are now sold at BestBuy in Canada along with the Samsung Galaxy models and iPhones and becoming mainstream accessible phones but unfortunately I can't use my Canada/US plan with it in the US because it is not VoLTE certified by Fizz yet. Just wanted to know if there was any headway on that issue.


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    Hi @SorryNeverAgainFIZZ ,

    I did speak to a rep but they can't answer, it's why I thought I'd ask the question here. The only thing they said was:

    ''I kindly inform you that we can not change the list of certified phones accepted by Fizz nor products from customer service, this depends on Fizz policy, marketing and business development activity''

    So it seems to be in business and marketing's hands. The rep said they would leave a note about my request but it wasn't possible to create a ticket item for the request.


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