Will 4G connectivity be good on my new phone?

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I recently bought a new phone (Xiaomi 14 china variant), and judging from kimovil's website, it supports B4.

However, I tested to see if my current phone (Xiaomi Mi 10) is currently using it, but it says it's using band 12. My assumption is that kimovil's info is wrong and that Fizz does use the same bands as Videotron, which would be B4, B7, B12 and B17 (AWS).

The problem stems from the fact that the 14 does not house bands 12 and 17, which are typically used in rural areas.

How could that affect my experience on Fizz's network? Would it be choppy or completely useless?

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    Thanks for your input.

    One thing I wanted to add, my current phone (mi 10) seems to be using LTE when voice calling even though it is not on the list of compatible phones. Everytime I try to call someone and turn off WiFi, the LTE sign is present and I'm also able to browse the web.

    When accessing the mobile network diagnostics tool (*#*#4636*#*#), it says VoLTE and VoWiFi are provisioned. Also, when looking at the IMS Service Status, VoLTE seems to be ''Available'' but VoWiFi isn't (probably because Fizz doesn't offer this feature yet).

    Let's hope I can get the same experience with the 14. However, I feel slightly frustrated that Fizz only ''officially'' allows a small list of phones to take advantage of VoLTE, a feature that has existed for at least a decade. With the combination of the 3G network's demise, a whole lot of phones will become data-only bricks.

    Canadian customers that buy phones from the likes of OEMs that don't collaborate with carriers (OnePlus, RedMagic etc.) and owners of older phones are going to get slapped in the face when suddenly their phones can no longer place calls.

    I hope carriers or CRTC are aware of this.

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