When people phone my number they struggle to hear me

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I moved to fizz and the data has been great. I mainly speak to people on WhatsApp and facetime so didn’t realise there was an issues until I had to have a couple of telephone calls and I was told that they couldn’t hear me very well. I have had a couple of other phone calls and people have said it’s like I have my hand over the microphone and they are missing every other word. Please let me know if anyone else is having this issue. I have an iPhone 13 so wasn’t sure if I need to change some settings.

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    Hi @rabreakell

    Can you try the follow, since an iPhone has multiple microphone and probably the phone calls doesn't have the same usage as whatsapp

    • remove the iPhone for the case
    • Try to use a ear phone if you have
    • Try to use the phone in speakerphone
    • Try to reboot the phone
    • Do you have a good mobile reception?
    • Can you try the SIM in a different phone?

    To contact the support, https://fizz.ca/en/solutions, go to the bottom right of this page and click on the green bubble to chat with the support.

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