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Hello everyone

i have fizz for the last three years and the signal in my office and bedroom is really weak. Fizz says that the speed is fine, but it isn’t.

i bought a wifi extender on amazon both I constantly had to change the network and it did not work that well, so I stopped using it.

i can’t change the location of the modem because it is the only internet outlet, but the outlet is at the exact opposite of my apartment.

The apartment is not that big (around 700 square feet) but the ceilings are in concrete (maybe an impact?)

im staring a new remote job so my internet cannot be bad in the office

thanks for your help

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    Hi @Idefix

    If you are closed to the modem everything is working correctly? Fizz modem seems to have an average wifi signal, therefore it can be easily your problem.

    If this is the case this means that you have a wifi problem that the extender was not able to fix, on the forum I read people suggesting using an Asus router, I read on internet and they seem to have a strong signal.

    If you decide to use your own router this is the guide to how configure the modem



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