Coda 4680: Can I still use IP Passthrough routing mode if I need wifi?

Daniel L. 16119
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  • How can I enable IPPT without disabling the wifi broadcast and coda ethernet ports?

I see that the coda 4680 has a IPPT mode and I can choose which port or mac to passthrough. So to me it seems like, has long has i set the passthrough to a different local ip (like is the coda, and is the other router) i could still have the other ports and the wifi on the coda to work?

(if you wonder why, i'm self hosting stuff and want to separate my hardware from my partner pc and phone thus needing the other coda ports and wifi to work. so if i mess up stuff my partner doesn't have to suffer haha)

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    Hi @Daniel L. 16119

    In the original FW is supposed to be here


    To me it seems to be equal to use the modem in bridge mode, I believe you should use a router with a VLAN capability if you really need to separate the networks


  • Daniel L. 16119
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    Hi, my plan is to create different vlans indeed. It also sounds like i could assign a port or a mac address something equal to 'gateway mode'. Thanks for your participation, I read the manual already.

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    I tried this and ultimately gave up because it got complicated fast. The NAT has a hard time discriminating pass-through traffic and traffic from the other devices and traffic between devices didn't forward correctly so connectivity on the LAN was not reliable. I ended up using bridge mode with a separate wireless router.

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