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Hi all, im thinking of switching up. Wondering how it works if my kid is in the states for around half the year? Not sure if he can qualify?

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    Hi @Jeeves_007

    This is the page

    The majority of your usage (calls, texts and data) must be done on the Fizz network.

    We reserve the right to interrupt or block access to our network of partner providers if you use your mobile service primarily on their networks for 3 consecutive payment periods.

    Use our coverage map to check that you are using your phone in a zone covered by the Fizz network.

    Probably you can always give the a second sim and activate a new plan after 3 months :D

    I read that Fizz, after the 3 months, asks to buy an addon

    Go to this page, and click on the green bubble icon in the bottom right corner of the page to chat with a customer rep.


  • elena code xzi4t
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    Sorry the plan can be used outside the subscription area for 3 consecutive months

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