Question before switching to fizz (relocating modem)

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I currently have service that uses phone line. Would like to switch to fizz but move the line/box to another location in the house. Can a fizz technician do this if I pay the extra 60 dollar installation fee?

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    Hi @piscapisca

    I forgot to say, if for some reason Fizz believe that your connection is not activated they will send you the tech in order to activate the cable, when they do this, you can ask to the tech to install the cable since the installation is included and probably you don't even need to pay

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    Hello @piscapisca

    When taking your appointment ask for a technician for installing the cable where you want and checking the signal speeda. There is no fee for that and for auto-installing the modem. The 60$ is for the tech to do the auto-installation of the modem but it is easy to do it by yourself. Check this page :

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