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I'm interested to get the 400mbps/50mbps but I have some questions.

1) I'm currently with HeroNet (cable). Can I keep my current internet active and try Fizz for a month? Like, having 2 providers at the same time basically.

2) How stable is the service? I've seen people having issues with their connection. Same with my brother in law. Is that a common thing? Would using my own router and use the modem in bridge mode lowers the possibility of random crashes?

Thank you.

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  • elena code xzi4t
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    Hi @James C. #18797

    1) Yes you can, you need a splitter in order to connect both or you need to contact one at the time

    2) Fizz is using the videotron cable is stable

    Do you know that if you don't like the service you can close the contract and be reimbursed prorata any time

    The only problem regarding the Fizz's is the wifi is an average one, but if you are using your router you are better off and don't have this limitation

    Ask someone near you to give a referral code in this way you will receive 25$ at your second payment


  • Patricia C5YQZ
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    Yes you can have Fizz at the same time to testing for a month but Fizz don't do the installation. You have to search a coax splitter by your self.

    Also, i will say the truth, some people have trouble when they want to return the modem. People send back the modem but in the Fizz system is like the customer not give back the modem and they get charge for that!

    Fizz refund after but i just tell you the trouble you can have! Keep it in your mind.

    But the answer is yes you can

    Have a great day

    it's a pleasure

  • A17
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    Hello James C,

    The simplest is just one service and Fizz cable is perfect. No contracts and an excellent price!


  • Tom D.
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    I've been pretty happy with my Fizz internet in Montreal, haven't had it go down since I joined the beta.

  • FizzyFizz JQMPM
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    Good to know! If the prices go down a bit more I will switch to Fizz internet too

  • NAD83MTM8
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    Right now the 400 Mbps is offered at 55$ per month.

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