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How can I change my number from roger to fizz after activating fizz SIM card and getting fizz number?

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  • elena code xzi4t
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    Hi @Safa76443

    you cannot transfer the number on an active plan. In order to transfer the number, you need to create a new plan with a SIM not associated with any active plan.

    Now, you have multiple possibility, you can unsubscribe from your fizz plan, wait that this will be closed (usually at the end of the billing period, or if you are in the trial period couple of day after) transfer the plan using that SIM

    Or buy a new SIM and transfer to a new plan


  • Patricia C5YQZ
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    Just activate your account Fizz on your phone and the transfert will be automaticly. Dont cancel your last provider during this step

  • elena code xzi4t
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    Hi @Safa76443

    Now I have a doubt, have you already activated the plan and now want to transfer your number? This is not possible.

    However, if you haven't activated a plan with Fizz yet, you need to:

    For any questions, you can return to the forum.

  • FizzyFizz JQMPM
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    Did you already activate a Fizz plan? During the activation steps the system asks you if you want to transfer an existing number. Otherwise you've got to cancel it, wait for the confirmation and start all over again. Or you can also create a new plan with a new sim card

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