Beta Testing in Winnipeg - Fizz EXT questions

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First of all very happy to get my Fizz SIM card today and start testing in Winnipeg. I'm using an iPhone 11 Pro Max and I have two SIMs operating with Public Mobile (Telus) as an eSIM and Fizz with physical SIM.
The neighborhood I'm in (River Heights) has pretty terrible reception for Rogers and Bell/MTS. I'm a short distance from Telus towers - maybe 250 meters.
I was surprised to find that on Automatic Network select the choice was not the strongest signal.
My Public Mobile SIM connection gets 238Mbps down and 6.54Mbps up.
The Fizz Automatic Network (first on the list) was getting 19.1Mbps down and 0.12Mbps up and terrible latency.
By changing the Network from Auto to manual I was able to go through and select and compare to the Native Public Mobile eSIM connection. The last on the list appears to be the Public Mobile/Telus towers as its achieving 232Mbps down and 7.25Mbps up which is an excellent result.
Is there a way to force the phone to select the strongest of the 3 FizzEXT signals or is my best bet to always manually select as I've done?
Also will the order of the FizzEXT networks change randomly or when traveling outside of Winnipeg? With nothing identifying the actual network that FizzEXT represents its a real guessing game.
Overall very happy with the result so far but if someone had no idea that they could go in and select another of the 3 FizzEXT network options then they might be very disappointed with the result and assume that Fizz doesn't work where they are located.


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    Hi @jasanson

    The Fizz SIM is programmed to pick the best network from their agreement. Check if you can find some application which is able to give you the information about the network provider, and probably be able to pick the one that you prefer.

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    Like you said, you are a beta tester. It's good to let know to Fizz your latency. Fizz will try her possible to fix that

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    I did a little research, but this information is supposedly stored in the network carrier update. It seems that only with a jailbreak, there are some possibilities to control the network operator.

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    Setting my Network to Automatic selects the Network at the top of the list of Fizz EXT options. This is the slowest and highest latency connection where I live.
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