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Hi, I'm not able to connect to to enable my wifi. Only the ethernet works. Thanks

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    Hi @neacsuadri

    Restore your Wi-Fi modem to its factory settings

    IMPORTANT: This will reset any changes that have been made to your Wi-Fi modem settings to date. You may also need to reconfigure your devices’ Wi-Fi settings (network name, password, etc.). 


    Locate the reset button at the back of the Wi-Fi modem and using a small, sharp object, press it for 10 seconds. 

    Once your modem has restarted, follow the same instructions you used when you initially installed it. 


    Reminder: The default username (Default Wi-Fi network) and password (Default key) for your Wi-Fi network are written on a sticker on the back of your Wi-Fi modem.

    Here the guide:

    After follow this guide

    And if you still encounter problem contact the support


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    Did you try to reset the modem ? You the small button with a pen for 5 secondes and wait for reboot

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