I just bought a new phone from Fizz

John G. 8559
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It comes with a new sim card; will it be easier for me to use the Fizz Volte card that l already have on my old phone?

Do l need to install any Fizz APN settings? With my old phone, it took me ~2 months to get it to work.

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  • limeisong
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    I think it will be done automatically with your new phone for the APN, you might receive text message from Fizz for instructions when you activate your SIM card


  • Patricia C5YQZ
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    With iPhone you not worry about that

  • alexis84
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    All phones are unlocked you can use any Sim card from different operators
  • alexis84
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    I got some phones for me and my wife, and we test not only Fizz sim it works, all phones are unlocked
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