Faster method of getting a SIM to get beta discount

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Is there a faster method of getting a SIM in and around Vancouver, BC? The BETA discount is changing soon as per Fizz website. It doesn't say if we order sim today and it arrives after the discount changes then what will happen.

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  • Jess_i88b6
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    Hi @kayb

    At the moment the only why to get it been delivered, since only in Quebec you can go to some convenient store or metro station to buy directly.

    If the price change, you will pay the price at the activation of the SIM, however, I believe that the beta will stay up for couples of month, but we cannot not :(

    Remember to use a referral code during the plan activation, this will give you a credit of 25$ at your second months, you can pick mine, is on my name after jess_ or pick one here


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