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I am going to Hawaii in April. If I switch my service for one month to Canada and USA, will I be able to call within Hawaii and back to Canada?

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    After your trip, you can change your plan to Canada only coverage. 👍️

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    Note : You can change your plan directly in your account on Fizz.ca. Changes will go live come your next payment cycle

    Good to know: Keep in mind the freeze period during which your plan cannot be modified. Ideally, aim to submit your changes when there are at least 4.5 days (108 hours) left in your current payment cycle. How can you know? Go in your account > My plans. Look right under your monthly price and you will see the days remaining in your payment cycle. 

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    If you're with Fizz and planning a trip to Hawaii in April, here's what you need to know about adjusting your service for your travel:

    1. Travel Add-Ons: Fizz offers Travel Add-Ons for destinations outside your coverage area. For your trip to Hawaii, you can purchase a USA Travel Add-On. This will allow you to use your phone in Hawaii as you would in Canada, for the duration of the Add-On.
    2. How to Purchase: You can buy a Travel Add-On through your Fizz account. Go to "My Plans", select your plan, and then choose "Travel". From there, you can select "United States" as your destination and see the available Add-On options.
    3. Usage: With a USA Travel Add-On, you can make calls within Hawaii and back to Canada. You can also use data and send texts, depending on the Add-On you choose.
    4. Validity: The Travel Add-On is valid for the entire billing cycle. Make sure you purchase the Add-On at a time that covers your travel dates.
    5. Roaming Settings: Ensure your phone's roaming settings are turned on when you arrive in Hawaii to use the Travel Add-On.
    6. Check Add-On Balance: You can track your Add-On usage directly from your Fizz account to keep an eye on your remaining minutes, texts, or data.

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    Yes sure no problem

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    That's the beauty of Fizz - you can change your plan every month. Beware that you cannot change your plan 4.5 days before the start of next billing period. And no guarantee that your current plan will still exist when you want to change it back. For example, I currently have a 15GB data plan and as of today, data is either 4GB or 20G - nothing in between.

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