are my perks available even if I change my plan?

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If I change my plan for travelling to USA, will my perks be available to use?

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    Yes, when you change your plan for traveling to the USA, your perks can still be available for use. Here's how it works with Fizz:

    1. Plan Changes for Travel: When you adjust your plan for traveling, like adding a travel add-on for the USA, this change is specifically for your data, call, or text allowances while you're abroad.
    2. Perks Remain Intact: Your perks, which are benefits or bonuses you've accumulated or been given by Fizz, aren't impacted by these plan changes. You can still use them according to their specific terms and conditions.
    3. Using Perks in the USA: If your perks include data, for instance, you can use this data while traveling in the USA. Just make sure your phone settings and Fizz account are configured to allow for roaming data usage.
    4. Check Perk Validity: Before you travel, it's a good idea to check the validity of your perks in your Fizz account. Some perks might have an expiry date, so you'll want to use them before they expire.
    5. Monitor Your Usage: While traveling, keep an eye on your usage through the Fizz mobile app or your online account to ensure you're using your plan and perks as intended.

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