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I would like to configure a DDNS provider on my Fizz router, I have a registered domain on Google Domains but the provider is not listed in the router admin panel. Is there a way to had a provider manually on the router ? Or ask fizz to had this provider ?

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    Setting up DDNS with a specific provider on a router that doesn't list your desired provider can indeed be tricky. Here's what you can consider in your situation with Fizz's router and Google Domains:

    1. Manual Configuration: Check if your Fizz router allows for manual DDNS configuration. Some routers let you enter DDNS settings manually, even if the provider isn't listed in the default options. You would need your DDNS service information from Google Domains, like the server address and your account details.
    2. Firmware Limitations: Sometimes, the firmware of ISP-provided routers may not support adding a custom DDNS provider. In such cases, you're limited to the providers listed in the router's firmware.
    3. Contact Fizz Support: It's definitely worth reaching out to Fizz support to inquire if they can add Google Domains as a DDNS provider or if there's a workaround. ISPs can sometimes update the firmware to include additional providers, but this depends on their policies and technical capabilities.
    4. Use a Third-Party Router: If Fizz’s router doesn't support your DDNS provider and there’s no way to manually configure it, you might consider using a third-party router that supports custom DDNS settings. You can connect this router to your Fizz modem (set in bridge mode) to manage your network and DDNS settings.
    5. DDNS Software: Another alternative is to run DDNS client software on a device within your network. This software can update your DDNS provider whenever your IP changes. This is useful if your router doesn’t support the DDNS provider directly.
    6. Workaround Solutions: Sometimes, tech-savvy users find creative workaround solutions for these kinds of limitations. You could look into tech forums or communities for any user-generated solutions or scripts.


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    Hi @atheve

    I believe that at the moment the modem doesn't support DDNS for google, but you can have a script in one of your machine making the request to google authentication page, this will refresh the informations

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    I think that's the good thing to do! Try to ask Fizz to add the provider! It's will be more easy for the next one too

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