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Hi all,

I am planning to move over to Fizz Mobile in Vancouver and currently uses One Plus 10T volte and Fido for provider service. I look through the forum and it seems OnePlus phone sometimes work and sometimes they don't.

My only concern is that I wouldn't able to make phone calls but only using data after I switch to Fizz.

My current understanding is that I would only able to use data with Fizz if my phone is not volte certified with Fizz.

Just wondering if I can order a sim to try it out before switching over from Fido? Also without losing my phone number.

Thanks everyone!

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    Hi @Francisgor

    At the moment Fizz doesn't support the OnePlus :(

    Therefore, you should be able to use it, since in Canada, at the moment we still have the 3G, but you cannot use in the USA.

    Moreover, if you will have a problem, FIzz will tell you that your phone is not certified :(

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