I can't find the live chat

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Live chat?

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    Finding the live chat option on Fizz's website can sometimes be a bit tricky, as it may not always be immediately visible. Here's how you can usually access the live chat support:

    1. Go to the Fizz Help Page: Start by visiting the Fizz website and navigating to the Help page. This is where most of the support options are located.
    2. Browse the FAQ Sections: Fizz encourages users to look through their FAQs for answers before contacting support. Sometimes, browsing these sections or opening a help article can trigger the appearance of the chat option.
    3. Look for the Chat Bubble: The live chat option usually appears as a chat bubble icon. This can be found at the bottom right corner of the screen on the help pages. It might take a few moments to appear, or you may need to interact with the site (like scrolling through help articles) before it shows up.
    4. Disable Ad Blockers: If you are using any ad blockers on your browser, they might prevent the chat bubble from appearing. Try disabling them temporarily to see if that helps.
    5. Use Different Browsers or Devices: If the chat option doesn’t show up in your current browser, try accessing the site through a different browser or on a different device.
    6. Alternative Contact Methods: If you still can't access the chat, Fizz also offers support through their Facebook page or Twitter.

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