Travelling to USA from Quebec- will I be charged extra for roaming?

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Hi all, I will be travelling to Ny soon. I have added some money to my wallet.
When I get to NY, to use data when necessary do I need to turn roaming on? Will i be charged extra crazy fees for roaming? Or will I just be using data? I am worried I Will be getting a crazy bill when turning on roaming.
Thank you

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    Fizz is a prepaid service, you will not be charged for the services you didn't pay in advance. So if you will use all the money from your Fizz wallet, then the service becomes unavailable.

    In order to use data in US, please don't forget to activate the data roaming.

    Please don't forget that money from your wallet can be also used to call and receive calls, send SMS (incoming SMS are always free) if your phone is VoLTE certified by Fizz. So maybe it will be better to buy a data travel add-on separately, but it's up to you 😉.


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