How can I use my own router?

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I know that the provided modem is bundle of router and modem, but can I use my own ASUS AX58U Wifi 6 router and bridge the modem?

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    Yes, you can use your own ASUS AX58U Wi-Fi 6 router with the Fizz modem/router combo by setting up the modem in bridge mode. Here's how you can do it:

    1. Bridge Mode: Putting the Fizz modem in bridge mode effectively turns off its routing functions (like network management and Wi-Fi) and allows it to act solely as a modem. This means your ASUS router will handle all the routing and Wi-Fi functions.
    2. How to Enable Bridge Mode:
      • Log into your Fizz modem's interface (usually by entering a specific IP address, like, into your web browser).
      • Look for the settings to enable bridge mode. This might be under advanced settings or a similar section.
      • Once you enable bridge mode, the modem will restart, and its Wi-Fi will be disabled.
    3. Connect Your ASUS Router: After enabling bridge mode on the Fizz modem:
      • Connect an Ethernet cable from one of the modem's LAN ports to the WAN (Internet) port on your ASUS router.
      • Set up your ASUS router according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
    4. Benefits of Using Your Own Router:
      • Enhanced Wi-Fi Performance: Your ASUS AX58U router supports Wi-Fi 6, which can offer better speed and efficiency, especially for multiple devices.
      • Advanced Features: Your router may have features not available on the Fizz modem/router combo, like better parental controls, QoS (Quality of Service), and more detailed network management options.
    5. Considerations:
      • If you experience any issues with your internet connection while using your own router, Fizz support might ask you to revert to the standard setup for troubleshooting purposes.
      • Ensure your ASUS router’s firmware is up to date for the best performance and security.


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