price of phones include data plan or not?

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this is gonna sound like a really stupid question but i've never bought phones with fizz before.... if they announce for example the iphone 15 is 47.99 per month, that's without data right? so if i add my data plan, which is let's say 35$, it means my phone would be 82$ per month right? not 47.99? just making sure!

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    Yes, you've got it right! When Fizz or any other mobile provider advertises a monthly payment for a phone like the iPhone 15 at $47.99, this amount is typically for the device payment only. It doesn't include your regular mobile service plan, which in your case is $35 for data.

    So, if you choose to get the iPhone 15 with a monthly payment of $47.99 and you have a separate data plan costing $35 per month, your total monthly cost would indeed be the sum of these two, which is $82.99. It's always a good idea to add up both costs to get the full picture of what you'll be paying each month.

    Remember, this is how most carriers separate the costs, allowing you to see clearly what you're paying for the phone itself and what you're paying for the service plan. Always a smart move to double-check!


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    Hi @clarappoirier

    That is the price for the phone, your plan is a different story.

    Therefore, you need to calculate the phone price + the plan price

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