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I fixed by change CSC to VTR.

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    It sounds like you resolved an issue with incoming calls by changing the CSC (Customer Service Code) to VTR. Changing the CSC can often help resolve network-related issues on your phone, as it is linked to the regional and carrier settings.

    For anyone else experiencing similar issues with their phone service, here are some general steps that can be tried:

    1. Restart Your Phone: Sometimes, a simple restart can resolve network-related issues.
    2. Check Network Settings: Ensure that your network settings are correctly configured for your current carrier. This includes checking the APN (Access Point Name) settings.
    3. Update Your Phone’s Software: Make sure that your phone is running the latest software version. Outdated software can sometimes cause issues with network connectivity.
    4. Check for Carrier Updates: Sometimes, carriers release updates that are specific to their network. Checking for such updates in your phone settings can be helpful.
    5. Change CSC (If Applicable): As you did, changing the CSC to match your carrier or region can sometimes resolve issues. This step is a bit more technical and might not be applicable to all phones or carriers.


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    Thanks for sharing your solution!

    If anyone else is reading this thread, probably your solution will work for them as well.

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