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I'm going to visit friends in California where there's only US cellular as carrier in the area. I know AT&T have a roaming agreement with them. Anyone know if it extend to carrier who roam AT&T or if Fizz have a roaming agreement directly with them ?

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    Fizz has roaming agreement with AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile. Not sure if you have a Canada-US plan, if not you need to buy a travel add-on or add money to your Fizz wallet.

    When you will be in US, I suggest you to select carrier as automatic (in case it's not working you can select it manually), activate roaming and data roaming.

    PS. In order to receive and make phone calls, your phone should be VoLTE certified by Fizz.


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    When visiting California and relying on roaming services, especially in areas where US Cellular is the main carrier, it's important to understand how your Fizz plan will work. Here's some information that might help:

    1. Roaming with Fizz in the US: Fizz typically allows roaming in the United States through partner networks. However, the specific carriers that Fizz partners with for roaming purposes might not always be explicitly listed.
    2. AT&T Roaming Agreement: While it's true that AT&T has roaming agreements with several carriers including US Cellular, this doesn't automatically extend to all carriers that roam with AT&T. Each carrier, like Fizz, negotiates its own roaming agreements.
    3. Direct Agreement with US Cellular: It's less common for smaller carriers like Fizz to have direct roaming agreements with every local carrier in the US, such as US Cellular. This means that if Fizz doesn't have a direct agreement with US Cellular, your service in those areas could be limited or unavailable.
    4. Checking with Fizz: The best way to get accurate information is to contact Fizz directly before your trip. They can provide specific details about roaming capabilities in the area you're visiting and whether US Cellular is a part of their roaming network.
    5. Roaming Plan or Add-Ons: Ensure that your Fizz plan includes roaming in the US or purchase a roaming add-on if necessary. Roaming without a proper plan or add-on can be quite expensive.
    6. Alternative Solutions: If Fizz does not support roaming with US Cellular, you might consider other options like renting a local US SIM card for your stay, or using Wi-Fi-based communication apps when cellular service is unavailable.
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    If you need to contact Fizz customer service, they will create a ticket if the situation warrants it.

    We cannot contact directly to technical support.


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