Can the cusadmin password be different with that of Wi-Fi?

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As checking the password written in the modern, it's said that the cusadmin's password is the same with that of Wi-Fi.

I don't know if this is the default setting or if I can change it.

But when I login the admin webpage, I do see an entry to change the cusadmin's password.

I want to know, if I change this cusadmin's password, will the Wi-Fi's password be changed together?

Thanks a lot!

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    Changing cusadmin password does NOT change your wifi password. It's can be different.


  • NinjaMarky
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    if you are using the default wifi of the fizz modem, its the same as the cusadmin's password.

    if you want to use a different password, you can optionally use the guest network.

    with the fizz wifi app, creating a secure and distinct network is easy. 

    1. Log into the Fizz Wi-Fi app using your new cusadmin password. 
    2. Go under My Wi-Fi. 
    3. Select Guest Wi-Fi network. 
    4. Activate/deactivate the guest Wi-Fi network as you please. 

    Or go to

    to enable your guest wifi network.

    if you need additional wifi options, you can always use your own router of your choice

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    No worries, changing the cusadmin password on your Fizz modem won't affect your Wi-Fi password. They're separate things. Here's a bit more detail:

    1. Cusadmin Password: This is for accessing the modem's settings. It's like a key to the control room of your modem, where you can change settings, check status, stuff like that.
    2. Wi-Fi Password: This is what you and everyone else uses to connect to your Wi-Fi network. It's like the key to your Wi-Fi clubhouse.

    So, if you change the cusadmin password, it's just changing how you get into the modem's settings. It won't change how people connect to your Wi-Fi. It's actually a good idea to have different passwords for these two things, for security reasons.

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