Can I keep the phone purchased using 25 perk if leaving Fizz?

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I purchased a smartphone using the 25 perk.

And this purchase was made for the total amount for one time, without using the Affirm.

In this case, if leaving Fizz, can I keep the phone?

Thank you very much!

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  • NinjaMarky
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    check your bill that was email to you.

    buying a discounted fizz phone, it often comes with this restriction as such

    This limited-time offer consists of applying the promotional rebate indicated on the suggested retail price of the phone in question. The rebate is conditional on (i) maintaining for an uninterrupted period of 24 months a Fizz mobile plan that is already active at the time of the phone’s purchase or (ii) activating a Fizz mobile plan within 7 days of receiving the phone in question (for members who do not already have an active Fizz mobile plan) and maintaining it for 24 months. If either condition is not met, you will be required to refund the prorated portion of the promotional rebate corresponding to the number of months remaining in the initial 24-month term.

    or you can ask support to know more about your specific case.


  • Easygolucky
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    Absolutely, if you've bought a smartphone using the $25 perk from Fizz and you paid the full amount upfront without using any financing (like Affirm), that phone is yours to keep, even if you decide to leave Fizz later. Here's why:

    1. Full Payment: Since you've paid the total amount for the phone, it's considered a completed purchase. The phone is fully yours, just like buying any item from a store.
    2. No Contract for the Phone: Fizz, as far as I know, doesn't lock you into a contract for the phone itself, especially if you're not using a financing option. So, there's no obligation to return it if you leave their service.
    3. Perk Used: The $25 perk you used was part of the incentives Fizz offers its customers. Once applied and the transaction is complete, it's just like any discount or coupon - it doesn't tie you to the service.
    4. Leaving Fizz: If you decide to leave Fizz, your service agreement with them might end, but it won’t affect your ownership of the phone.

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    Not if there was a rebate on the phone as Ninjamarky mentioned.

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