Last secret - Travel Add-ons

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Up to $15 off select Travel Add-ons.

Pack up your suitcase, and bring your phone along. Until January 8, the Travel Add-on for 1 GB is only $3 for the U.S., $5 for Europe and $5 for Latin America.

A little disappointing, but good for those who need it I guess.


  • wayne
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    Agreed. Good for people who need it but not really worth all the suspense

  • wayne
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    Even then some of the data sims overseas might offer better value.

  • Easygolucky
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    I was really hoping it was another home internet price reduction

  • NinjaMarky
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    wow that's significant savings. really good bargain especially for anyone who will be travelling during the holidays

  • Easygolucky
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    I am not going anywhere any time soon unfortunately :/

  • Vanni
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    Does anyone find value in Fizz Travel Add-ons? I have been with Fizz for 5 years now and I have only purchased a Travel Add-on once. I don't find they are particularly good value - I always find it more convenient to use a local SIM card or to try travel eSIMs (depending on whether the phone allows it). I find the lack of voice service outside Canada and the USA a bit of an inconvenience, to the point I never bother with Fizz outside those two countries, I always use different solutions.

    Has anyone ever considered possible alternatives to Travel Add-ons and come to the conclusion that it's worth buying them?

  • Smiley
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    I used travel add ons in the summer before. Yes, they are expensive, now more than a couple of years ago but they are convenient.

  • zipilgrim
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    I'm travelling over the holidays but unfortunately my destination does not benefit from the travel add-on discounts. Disappointing, when I saw what it was I was really hoping this applied to all regions. Still for those going to Europe it's a nice little bonus.

  • wayne
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    I think the Fizz travel add-on is only convenient for short term travels. for trips longer than a week I'm the same with you, always get the local sims for more data.

  • Vanni
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    During a recent trip I have re-evaluated the Travel Add-ons following the price reductions introduced during this holiday period. These new price points make the feature quite interesting for a number of reasons: first of all, Travel Add-ons are by far the most convenient way to make the phone workable in a foreign country, since they require a very simple online payment and no installation procedures (in the case of eSIMs) or trips to local phone stores.

    Furthermore, I had not considered the Travel Add-ons, once activated, are not valid only for a specific country, but they can be used in an entire geographic area. This makes them quite convenient for trips involving multiple countries, where the sourcing of a local SIM may me more complicated. At these price levels I find the Latin America pass quite convenient: C$5/GB is a price difficult to beat especially for Caribbean countries, where cell phone service can be particularly expensive at times.

    Should prices revert to former levels as of January 9, then their convenience would be greatly reduced, but at this stage they are certainly worth being considered.

  • Andrei_ref_R7VK1
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    Local SIM cards needed to make local calls, which travel add-ons unfortunately are not allowing except US for now.

  • limeisong
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    Good to know, thanks for sharing

  • Vanni
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    If it's just for making calls, there are other ways to do it, using VoIP application through your phone. I usually turn to Skype in those situations - I find it quite useful, especially because it allows to call North American and UK toll-free numbers free of charge, so it's also a good solution to check voicemail if needed.

    However, if someone has the need to be contacted by local people over the phone, and for some reason these calls cannot be made over VoIP apps (like WhatsApp, for example), then a local SIM is probably the best solution. But this is a very specific need that most likely does not apply to the majority of customers.

  • Pascal
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    Have more possibilities to get data for your trip if you think it’s too expensive