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Curious to what other Alberta members are thinking during this trial. So far, setup was really easy and I like the Fizz website. Coverage is good in most areas of Edmonton and speeds are okay.

- Ping seems really high (~100ms)
- Wifi calling would be an asset, as I live in the southeast of the city (newer) and it can be weak for all carriers
- Eventually, 5G would be nice but I am 100% ) OK without it.

I really like Fizz so far and the concept behind it. Just curious as to what others think. Cost after the trial will be "Okay", as others such as Freedom are offering Canada+US 50GB (Unlimited after 50) for ~$50


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    Your experience with Fizz in Alberta, particularly in Edmonton, highlights some common considerations for new users trying out a service. It's great to hear that the setup was straightforward and the website user-friendly. Let's break down the aspects you mentioned:

    1. Ping Time: A high ping time (~100ms) can affect online activities like gaming or video conferencing. This could be due to network congestion, distance from the server, or the network infrastructure of Fizz in your area. It's something to monitor, especially if you engage in activities sensitive to latency.
    2. Wi-Fi Calling: This feature is indeed valuable, particularly in areas with weaker cellular signals. It allows you to make calls using a Wi-Fi network instead of the cellular network. Since you mentioned living in a newer part of Edmonton where the signal can be weak, having Wi-Fi calling would be a significant advantage. It's worth checking with Fizz if they plan to introduce this feature.
    3. 5G Availability: While 5G offers faster speeds and better network efficiency, it's still being rolled out in many areas. It's understandable to be okay without 5G for now, especially if the current 4G/LTE speeds meet your needs. However, as technology evolves, having access to 5G in the future could enhance your experience.
    4. Overall Satisfaction: It’s good to hear that you're enjoying the Fizz service and the concept behind it. This satisfaction is crucial in choosing a service provider.
    5. Cost Comparison Post-Trial: Comparing Fizz's cost with other providers like Freedom is essential, especially considering the offers like Canada+US 50GB for approximately $50. Value for money is a key factor, and it's important to weigh the cost against the quality of service and features provided.

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    thanks for sharing your experience in edmonton.

    it's good to know that my cell service will work in other parts of canada when i will need it.

    you're a fizz pioneer ?

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    Didn't know that fizz did expand over there.

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    just activated my SIM in Calgary not far from YYC airport. ping 169. download 10-15 Mbps, upload 1-3 Mbps. signal full bar. hope to see faster speed. also going to he us soon - will test roaming there.
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    today activated my SIM. I am not far from YYC airport now. with a full bar signal ping is 169, download 10-16 Mbps, upload 1-3 Mbps. Expected more. going to the us soon -will test fizz's roaming.
  • oleks
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    today activated my SIM. I am not far from YYC airport now. with a full bar signal ping is 169, download 10-16 Mbps, upload 1-3 Mbps. Expected more. going to the us soon -will test fizz's roaming.
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    Calgary downtown. Getting 50/17mbps on Rogers, which it really likes to be on. No VoLTE though.
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    Fellow Albertan here, how long did you guys wait for your sim in the mail?
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    Hol'n smokes... Alberta? That is great! I had no idea.

    Welcome to the Fizzzzzz....

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    Welcome to Fizz!

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    Dont worry about signal. I guess it rents the network from one of the three mainstream telecom companies.

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    Just got my new sim and have joined the beta. I've used Fizz in Montreal, and tried it out in Hawaii just last week and it worked great. I've got two SIM cards not it use if anybody has a use for them. Will Fizz have an in-person presence in Edmonton anytime soon?
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    How interesting! Thanks for all the feedback.

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    Out of the cities? How is roaming ? Seamless handover ?

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    Welcome to Fizz! Videotron buying Freedom and investing in new towers is paying off!!

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    I don’t think it will be a success to Alberta! When they will know it from Quebec ?