Refer a friend to Fizz and you’ll each get $25

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hello fizz has the current offer:

Friends with benefizz
Refer a friend to Fizz and you’ll each get $25. Share the joy and invite as many friends as you like!

my question is: is the 25$ applied to each month going foward or is it only for 1 month ?

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    It is only a one time credit, not every month.

    The credit is applied after the second month.


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    The "Friends with Benefizz" referral program by Fizz, where both you and your referred friend each get $25, typically works as a one-time credit, not a recurring monthly discount. Here's how it usually functions:

    1. One-Time Credit: When a friend signs up using your referral code and meets the necessary conditions (like making their second monthly payment), both of you receive a $25 credit.
    2. Application of Credit: This credit is applied to your Fizz account. It can be used towards your monthly bill, but it is not a discount that gets applied every month. Once the $25 credit is used up, it's gone.
    3. Not a Recurring Discount: The referral bonus is not a recurring monthly discount; it's a one-off benefit. So, the $25 will not be applied to each month going forward.
    4. Multiple Referrals: You can refer multiple friends, and for each successful referral (meaning each friend who signs up and meets the conditions), you will receive an additional $25 credit. Each of these credits is also a one-time benefit.
    5. Checking Your Credit Balance: You can view your credit balance in your Fizz account. This will show you how much credit you have earned through referrals and other rewards.

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