Is there any other supported modems other than Fizz's?

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The Fizz's modem was outdated right from its launch in the beta phase... I've never used its wifi, preferring a newer and more secure solution.

Therefore, I feel like it's bulky for nothing.

Would there be any other compatible modems now?

Thx in advance 🤗

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    As a fellow Fizz user who prefers using their own networking equipment, I completely understand your perspective regarding the modem. Here are a few points to consider:

    1. Fizz's Modem Policy: Typically, Fizz, like many ISPs, prefers customers to use the modem they provide. This is often due to compatibility and support issues. Using their modem ensures that they can assist with any network-related issues more effectively.
    2. Using Your Own Modem: Regarding the use of a third-party modem with Fizz's service, it's not common practice. Fizz's network might be configured to work optimally with the modems they provide. However, the technology and policies can change, so it's always good to check with Fizz directly for the most current information.
    3. Using a Third-Party Router: Many users prefer to use their own router for better performance and more features. You can connect your router to the Fizz modem and set the modem to bridge mode. This way, the Fizz modem only acts as a bridge to the internet, and your router takes care of the WiFi and networking.
    4. Checking Compatibility: If you're set on using a different modem, you'll need to ensure it's compatible with Fizz's network. This information can usually be obtained from Fizz's customer support.
    5. Pros and Cons: Keep in mind that using a non-Fizz modem may lead to support challenges if you encounter any service issues. Fizz's support might be limited since they can't troubleshoot third-party devices.
    6. Latest Updates from Fizz: I'd recommend reaching out to Fizz support for the latest information on modem compatibility and policies. They can provide the most accurate and updated advice.

    While using a more modern and feature-rich router in conjunction with the Fizz modem is a common approach, replacing the modem entirely might be more complicated due to compatibility and support considerations. It's always best to check with Fizz for the latest guidelines and options.


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    At the moment you can only use the fuzz modem

    you can connect to your own router but nothing mori believe that it is time to an update

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