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So i just bought a new iphone 14 with fizz. I used a “15% discount on the phone of your choice” and got the phone for 600$. However, my friend showed me yesterday that he has a “25% off the phone of your choice” coupon which means that if i waited for a day longer, i would of got 25% instead. Can i text fizz support and ask them to get the price difference? Thank you


  • Jess_i88b6
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    For sure you can try asking, but I believe that they will ask to return it

  • Andrei_ref_R7VK1
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    Some users got 15% some 25% discount at the beginning of November. So if you were waiting nothing would be changed to be honest.

  • Easygolucky
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    Yes, you can certainly contact Fizz support to inquire about the possibility of applying the 25% discount to your recent iPhone 14 purchase, especially since there's a notable difference between the 15% discount you used and the 25% discount your friend has.

    Here are some steps you can take:

    1. Contact Fizz Support: Reach out to them via the support chat, email, or any other available method. Explain your situation clearly and politely.
    2. Provide Details: Be ready to provide details of your purchase, including the date, the discount applied, and the new discount you wish to use.
    3. Ask About Policy: Inquire about their policy regarding recent purchases and applying a larger discount post-purchase. Each company has its own policies, and it's good to know where you stand.
    4. Be Prepared for Different Outcomes: While it's possible they may accommodate your request, be prepared for the possibility that they may adhere strictly to their sales policy, which might not allow for such adjustments after the purchase is completed.
    5. Negotiate or Ask for Alternatives: If they can't apply the 25% discount, ask if there are any alternative compensations or future discounts you could benefit from.

  • Easygolucky
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    If you need to contact Fizz customer service, they will create a ticket if the situation warrants it.

    We cannot contact directly to technical support.


    The idea of this page is to explain how you can access the chat bubble. If you do a search in the Solution Hub related to your issue and access the help page the chat bubble will appear at the right corner.



    If the chat bubble does not appear, this means that the number of sessions waiting for our answers surpasses our processing capacity. If that happens, send us a private message via Facebook Messenger or Twitter.

  • Losingisbadmkay
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    To use your friends code your friend would have to commit to 24 months of fizz service. Are you sure your friend is willing to make that commitment to give you a discount?
  • Easygolucky
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    Typically, referral programs in telecom companies offer benefits to both the referrer and the referee. However, it's somewhat unusual for these benefits to be tied to a 24-month commitment, especially for companies like Fizz which are known for their no-contract, flexible plans.