Why can't I buy a second phone on a linked plan?

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I just purchased a iPhone 14 on a promotion and everything went smoothly. Now I want to buy a second (and maybe a third) phone, but if I try to buy another iPhone 14, I get the response,


Oh no. Someone was faster and this phone is now out of stock.


and if I try to buy a Google Pixel 8, I get the response,


Stay tuned.

Not everything is available everywhere yet. But we’re working on it.


Are these responses true to the words, or are is Fizz just trying to prevent me from purchasing more than one phone on a promotion?

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    Thank you for checking on the iPhone 14 for me. I guess it really is the case that there are no more to be sold. I do have 5 plans for my family, so I was expecting to be able to purchase a phone for each plan if I choose. I will try online chat.

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    Try to use a different browser or use the browser in private mode sometime, this help

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    Based on the messages you're receiving, it seems like there are two separate issues happening with your attempts to purchase additional phones through Fizz.

    1. "Oh no. Someone was faster and this phone is now out of stock."
    2. This message typically indicates that the iPhone 14 is currently out of stock. It's not uncommon for popular models, especially during a promotion, to sell out quickly. This is likely a genuine stock issue rather than a method to prevent multiple purchases.
    3. "Stay tuned. Not everything is available everywhere yet. But we’re working on it."
    4. This message regarding the Google Pixel 8 suggests that the phone is not yet available in your area or through Fizz's current inventory. It could be a regional availability issue or that Fizz is still in the process of adding this model to their lineup.

    From these responses, it doesn't necessarily seem like Fizz is deliberately trying to prevent you from buying more than one phone on promotion. It's more likely a case of limited stock availability and regional distribution constraints.

    However, it's also worth considering that some promotions might have terms and conditions that limit the number of purchases per customer, especially if it's a particularly good deal. These limitations are often in place to ensure fair distribution of stock among as many customers as possible.

    If you're still interested in purchasing additional phones, you might:

    • Check Back Regularly: Stock levels can change quickly, especially if returns are processed or additional stock is received.
    • Contact Fizz Customer Support: They can provide more detailed information on stock availability and any potential purchasing limits per account or customer.
    • Consider Alternative Models: If the specific models you're interested in remain out of stock, exploring other options might be worthwhile.

    Remember, the availability of specific phone models can fluctuate rapidly, especially when promotions are involved.

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