Kids 4G smartwatch APN settings are not working

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I bought my son a Chinese 4G smartwatch that runs Android 9. The Fizz sim is working and I can call the device and make calls with it. The Videotron APN settings are auto-populated and I've manually changed the settings according to the Fizz parameters. For some reason it still says '4G Unknown' as the status, and unless it's on my WiFi, I can't communicate with it through the smartwatch app. It doesn't seem to have a valid data connection to the network, but I see it's getting a valid IP address in the system/about info.

It's worth noting when I use the Fizz site: "Manage Plan -> Advanced Parameters -> Send to my phone", it will NOT send me the text messages. I get a red banner saying it has to be put in manually, which is clearly not working.

I've tried several times and I'm sure I'm inputting everything properly, and I've verified that the data works if I put the SIM in a cellphone. I'm wondering if the IMEI on this watch is not being allowed on the network perhaps? Or something else is up with my account.

I verified it can also receive SMS messages but since it's basically for phone calls and data, I don't have regular outgoing SMS enabled on the plan since it can use WhatsApp and other data messaging instead. I don't believe this should be a problem.

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    Hi @c4g

    Double check the APN configuration, I used without problem in a GPS

    Fizz APN settings are:

    • APN:
    • MMSC:
    • MMS proxy:
    • MMS port: 80
    • APN type: default,mms,supl     

    In a phone you can have multiple APN, and you need to select the one that you need and reboot, I don't know in your watch if you need to do the same

    The 4G unknown must be that the phone don't know the Fizz name, since it is an old OS, on my opinion your phone is working


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    Not all devices, especially those not commonly sold in Canada, are fully compatible with every carrier's network. This might be the case with your son's smartwatch. Fizz, being an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) using Videotron's infrastructure, might have some compatibility nuances, especially with devices not typically tested on their network.

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    The issue might be related to the IMEI of the smartwatch. Not all IMEIs are recognized or allowed on every network. If Fizz's system doesn't recognize the IMEI, it might not fully allow the device on the network. Unfortunately, there's not much that can be done in this case, as it's up to the carrier to decide which devices they support.

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    Since you mentioned that regular outgoing SMS is not enabled on your plan, make sure that this isn't affecting the smartwatch's ability to connect to the data network. While it shouldn't typically impact data services, carrier plans can sometimes have unexpected limitations or quirks.

    Some devices have specific settings that control how they connect to cellular networks. Explore the smartwatch's settings to see if there's anything related to network mode or data usage that might be affecting its ability to connect.

    Check if the smartwatch supports the specific 4G LTE bands used by Fizz/Videotron. If the watch doesn't support the right bands, it won't be able to connect properly to the network for data services.

    If possible, try a SIM card from a different carrier in the smartwatch to see if it's able to connect to another network. This could help determine if the issue is specific to Fizz or a broader compatibility problem with the watch.

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    Reaching out to Fizz support might give you some insights, especially regarding the IMEI compatibility and any specific plan-related issues. 

    The idea of this page is to explain how you can access the chat bubble. If you do a search in the Solution Hub related to your issue and access the help page the chat bubble will appear at the right corner.

    • You're logged into your Fizz account.
    • You're active on a help page such as
    • Simply click on the chat bubble that appears at the bottom on the right.
    • You're within the business hours: every day from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. (EST).
    • You have disabled any ad blockers in your browser.

    If the chat bubble does not appear, this means that the number of sessions waiting for our answers surpasses our processing capacity. If that happens, send us a private message via Facebook Messenger or Twitter.

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