Can't seem to gift data

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When I try to enter a referral code, it says SOURCE PRODUCT NOT FOUND

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    Hi YuPing,

    Are you close to the end of your billing cycle? Does the person you're gifting to have a data plan? Gifting won't work if they do not have a data plan. If they do have a data plan, are they near the end of their billing cycle?

    I don't remember the exact number of days but there's a certain period at the end of the billing cycle where gifting will not work... not ideal since that's where most people need extra data.

    For more info, or if none of these apply to you, then kindly reach out to Fizz customer service. Click on help, select "status of our services" and at the bottom of that page, you will see a green chat bubble appear. Choose your method of chatting and Fizz will (eventually) answer your questions.


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