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Hello, is it possible with FIZZ to get a SIM Card for mobile data for a car? I will be getting soon my new Audi Q4 and looks like they need access to data for the in-car services ex. map navigation data etc. Thanks for your help

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    Hello @Brian P. #25613

    You will have a complimentary 6-month trial subscription included with your new vehicle purchase. So you are better to begin with it and check your need during this period.

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    Sometime this car use an e-SIM if this is the case, not is not possible, since fizz doesn't offer this service

    Try to ask if the car has the possibility to use an access point, if this is the case, you can share the internet from your phone


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    What you need to verify is your Car data device is compatible with fizz : read item 2.

    If you don't know then you can try : order a sim card and activate a data plan. If it does not work , cancel your plan within 15 days and Fizz will refund your data plan. Please note the cost of your sim card (15$) with NOT be refunded.

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    Thanks Swat and Jess, good to know that. My rep at the dealership is not too reachable and knowledgeable. !

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