Is it possible to use 2 plans and transfer datas from one to another, both on the same account?

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I already have a phone plan, which has 9gb data per month. But I sometimes wanna go back to when my phone didn't include Internet and apps as well, which are too often really distracting and time consuming.

Therefore, I'm thinking of buying a flip phone to use as the regular phone, and keep the smartphone I have as "data phone" on the go. But ideally, I wouldn't want to change phone number... Since my current plan includes both phone and data, I wonder if there would be a way to transfer the datas into another plan.

As I'm writing those words, I'm wondering if it'd be possible to transfer datas to another plan that would be our own. Maybe that could be a solution..: transfer the phone+data sim card into a flip phone and get a new sim card without phone/text but 1gb datas and transfer the rest from the phone plan?

I know this is quite uncommon, so I hope it made sense 😅

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    Yes it's possible to have 2 different phone numbers on the same account (or 2 separate accounts) and you can transfer data between them (taking into account that another phone number has at least 1gb of data).


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