How can I switch Mobile Fizz accounts, but keep the same phone number?

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My present mobile account is actually on my brother’s account (long story, not really important). He has his own internet, his mobile and mine. My mobile is paid with my own credit card, but on his account.

I DO have my own Fizz internet account, and I’d like to bring my mobile account/number into my own Fizz account, or simply deactivate the one on my brother’s account so that I can add mobile services to my account. Obviously, I’d like to keep the same number, but how would I go about this since I’d be switching from the same phone company?

I've been wanting to do this for a long time, but just figured it would be too complicated, and I’d lose all my rewards/perks, etc. If I have to deactivate my present (brother) account first to be able to then ask for the same number, won’t I lose phone service for a time? Also, will I be able to use my Perk of one month free mobile offered on my internet account? It would offset the price difference since if I activate a new account, it will be more expensive for me.

Thank you

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    If you really want to move the plan, you need to transfer to a different mobile operator and bring it back. At least you will get 25$ using your brother referral code, and 25$ him :D

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    Ah well… too bad. Good thing I really like my brother, ha ha.

    Thank you for the quick answer :)

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