What kind of parental control of fizz cable internet?

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Also is it quick on-site service of technician if needed or everything is diy? Actually, I am thinking transfer to fizz internet.


  • Andrei_ref_R7VK1
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    There's no parental control in place. You will need to set it up with some different third party apps, etc.

    The technician usually ensures the coaxial cable is properly connected. Modem setup is not that difficult. You can choose a VIP installation for 60$ and the tech will setup your modem.

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    Hi @Pws

    If you need to have a good parent control by device, the best options is to use a router associated with the Fizz modem.

    If you want a parent control for all your network, an option can be using a DNS service, however, it will be easy to bypass :D