Tourist visiting and wants to purchase a simcard with a plan

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My dad is planning is visit me in Montreal for a month, and probably again next year for another month (He usually comes every year and stay for month). Is it possible to buy a sim card with Fizz with a call, text, and data plan for just one month for now, and then unsubscribe to the plan after he left. And when he comes back 1 year later, he subscribe to another plan for a month again. Is it good choice to do that with Fizz. I saw in the discussion forum that sim card doesn't expire. And have looked at the plans, they seems very easy to use, and convenient to me.

Please let me know if Fizz is a good choice for my situation.

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    Hi @Aria_Chreung04

    Yes you can

    The SIM card is reusable with Fizz.

    Probably you can also do this, create a new account, use your referral code to activate the SIM for your father, during the first month reduce the plan to the minimum ~10$, as soon that you have paid the second month you will receive 25$ credit on your plan, and you close it the day after. You will gain ~15$


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