Can I purchase Travel Add-on and use in Dominican Republic?

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If my plan is Canada coverage but without Data, can I still purchase Travel Add-on and use data in Dominican Republic? I am going to open a new number for my kid, who will travel to Dominican Republic. I do not need Data for this plan in Canada, and may cancel this number after back home. Thanks.

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    yes you can send messages with just wifi or with data

    you can take a trip add

    or pay per use


    Travel Options

    Going somewhere? Get all set up below.

    First, what's your destination?


    République Dominicaine

    Choose your travel option

    Travel Add-Ons


    Data Only

    250 MB of data

    Zone Latin America


    Data Only

    500 MB of data

    Zone Latin America


    Data Only

    1 GB of data

    Zone Latin America


    Pay As You Go

    Zone: Latin America

    Rate covers all countries in Zone: Latin America


    $0.08 / MB


    $0.04 / text


    N/A / minute

    Want to Pay As You Go?

    Add funds to your Wallet to automatically Pay As You Go.


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    Yes, you can buy data travel add-on without having data on your main plan.

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    I see, on the Forum, that SMS works if I have travel add-on (kid can send/receive text with travel add-on). Is it real? If it is correct, then I only need to open the new number as basic plan (without data, without text), but purchase Travel Add-on for kid. Anybody has the experience on this?


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