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Hi! I have four questions/comments concerning leveling up:

(1) is this upgrade chart (pertaining to leveling up) still accurate? They've been accurate for me, from level 1 to 7, but I don't know if they are accurate for the next levels as well.

(2) seeing as I'm about to reach level 7, I wondered why, as part of reaching that level, Fizz provides a fourth "2$ rebate"? It would make sense if we had 4 slots to use, but we only have 3 slots, so what is the use ???

(3) related to the previous question ... can Fizz users ever have more than three slots (per service)?

(4) if I add an mobile line, would I have three separate slots for that new line (or would both mobile lines share a total of 3 slots)?

When replying, please specify which question/comment your reply pertain to. Thx!

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