How can i do port forwarding in Fizz?

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Hello there,

How can i do port forwarding in Fizz?

Thank you so much

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    Log in to your Modem.

    Select Basic menu.

    Select the Port Forwarding sub-menu.

    Set All Port Forwarding Rules to Enabled (or Disabled if no longer needed).

    Select the Add Rule button for new rules, or Manage button to edit existing rules.

    Common Application: Drop-down menu for pre-defined, common port forward rules..

    Application Name: Freehand usage reference.

    Protocol: Drop-down menu to select desired protocol.

    Public Port Range: External Internet port numbers required for rule.

    Private Port Range: Internal LAN ports for rule.

    Local IP: Make sure the specified device is set up with an internal static IP LAN address. The local IP must be in the same LAN IP Address Subnet.

    Remote IP Address: Select either Any or Specific.

    Rule Status: On/Off; select On if needed.

    Select Apply when the new rule setup is complete.

    Re-verify that the Status is set to ON for any rules that should be active.

    Select Save Changes when finished.



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