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I just arrived to Canada, and I'm thinking about using Fizz, how's the internet for gaming, and how's its actual download / upload speed (going for the 400mbps).

Thank you

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    this dépenses from the games, fizz is using the Vidéotron infrastructure therefore the speed is there, you will not have any problem for the ping you are around 15ms not bad at all, but for some games this can be border line, if you want to have a lower ping you should consider the ftth which is offer from a different provider.

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    Speeds are excellent all day in Montreal for me, though what you really want in gaming is low ping, and that doesn't so much depend on your internet connection, but how far you're from the server you're connecting to.

    Montreal in general has pretty good ping across the east coast, so I think you'll be more than fine with whichever speed package your choose.


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