Did something happen with videotron?

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Since this afternoon, I've been having a lot of trouble connecting to some of multiplayer games I usually play. After taking in as much accounts I found, it appears most if not every people having the same difficulties were using videotron as a provider

Since Fizz uses their intrastructure I guessed it was also the case here.

Did they recently close out some important ports? Or are they having some momentary troubles? Just wondering if somebody with a little more info can help me on this so I can decide where I go from here, especially if the situation doesn't change.

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  • Sébastien code ZXEL1
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    may be videotron network are they having problems this afternoon

    you can contact support https://fizz.ca/en/support

  • lordyolo
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    That may explain it, but I just find it weird that mostly everything else works, but some online games do and some don't. It's probly a port issue but then why would some be closed and some not if not deliberately?

  • Andrei_ref_R7VK1
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    If you will contact support let us know what they say please.

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