Switching to Canada+USA plan for a month?

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Im going to Florida next month and was wondering how the Canada+USA plan works. I currently pay a discounted price for my phone plan for being an early customer. Will I get my original price back once I switch back? How long after getting it does it take to go into effect? How do I switch back?

sorry for the many questions but I just want to be well informed before I do anything !

thank you!


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    Hi @Khushbakht

    Attention did you migrate to the VoLTE?

    The modification will be effective the next billing cycle and you will lose your early price.

    Everytime you modify your plan you will end up pay the actual pice.

    Moreover, the modification must be done at least 4.5 days before the new billing cycle.

    As of July 2022, if you are travelling in the United States, including Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, only the LTE network is available. This means that until springtime 2023, calling may not be possible based on your situation.

    When will this issue be resolved?

    All depends on your situation.


    > If you became a mobile member BEFORE March 16, 2022. 


    Calling will be possible again by spring 2023 when Fizz offers VoLTE on its own network. At that time, using a VoLTE certified phone updated with the latest software update and activated with a VoLTE compatible SIM card will allow you to make calls when in the United States. 


    > If you became a mobile member ON or AFTER March 16, 2022.


    Your plan should already be activated with a VoLTE compatible SIM card. If you are using a VoLTE-certified phone updated with the latest software update, calls and texts will work in the U.S. If it is not, you will only have access to your mobile data.

    See the list of certified phones

    Source: https://fizz.ca/en/faq/why-do-some-calls-and-texts-when-us-not-work

    You can change your plan at anytime by loging into your account. Although, the changes you make will only take effect at the beginning of your next payment cycle.


    To change your plan:
    1.  Go to My Plans in your Fizz account.
    2. Scroll to the plan you wish to change.
    3. Click on Manage and then Adjust your plan.
    4. Use the Plan Wizard to adjust your data, minutes, texts and Calling Options (international calls and voicemail).
    5. As you adjust your plan details, you will see your new monthly fee in the box below.
    6. When you like what you see, click Save Changes.
    7. Changes take effect at the start of your next payment cycle.

    Important – Any change to your plan must be made in accordance with the plan change policy detailed on https://fizz.ca/en/plan-change-policy. 


    When does a plan change come into effect?

    Your new plan will take effect (and you will be billed the new amount) at the start of your next payment cycle

    If you need features such as data, minutes, texts or minutes for international calls immediately, buy an Add-On or use your Wallet to pay as you go.

    If you change your plan, your rolled-over data will match your new coverage. For example, if you switch from a Canada-US to a Quebec plan, your rollover data will also switch to a Quebec plan.

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    if you switch, you will lose your original price

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    No problem

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    If for you it is important to have a phone?

    Buy a new SIM, create a new account and activate the SIM here with your referral code, keep it for 2 months (the first month with the canada/USA Plan) the second month the minimum plan (10$), You will get the 25$ on your first account after you closed the temporary plan.

    In this way, you spent 15$ for the SIM and 10$ for the second month almost paid with the 25$ credit.

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    Wow! Thanks for the tip Jessy!

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    good idea ......

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    Remains just to have a phone that supports VoLTE.

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    Good suggestion from @Jess_i88b6 !

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    As always!!