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I've got my wallet containing all of my IDs and cell phone stolen, so I ordered a new SIM card and it arrived in a day. I thought it would be simple SIM card entry on the website, but I had to chat with a customer service agent. To my surprise, I was asked to provide a picture of me holding a credit card to show the last 4 digits. When I said this was not possible, I was asked to do the same, but with an ID that shows my name and address. Does anyone really think this is a safe IT practice? It helps the thief, not the account holder. At some point, I was even asked to show a selfie like it proves anything.

Anyone else had a similar problem?

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    Hi @kevvykev

    Although I haven't had a similar problem, it's not uncommon for Fizz to validate that you are the account owner. They are likely doing this to protect you from "identity theft".

    If someone were to try to make a SIM swap with your identity, they would likely go through a similar verification process. It's understandable that this can be frustrating, but it's ultimately for your own security.

    If you don't have a passport, do you have any other form of identification or a police report that could help with the verification process? Probably a couple of credit card statements can helps (only a suggestion)

    I'm not saying that this is the best practice, but I can understand why they would do it.


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