How can I deactivate the band steering?

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Hello! Can you please tell me how i can deactivate the bandsteering? Thank you!!!!

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    Hi @sisi98

    This is the guide from Fizz

    Your Fizz Wi-Fi modem uses by default the to frequency band steering technology. When this function is disabled, the Wi-Fi modem will display two (2) frequency bands, 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. 


    The modification of this option is possible thanks to the mobile application Fizz Wi-Fi:

    Choose: ''My Wi-Fi''

    Select your Wi-Fi network

    Select: ''Advanced Settings''

    Band Steering ''On/Off''


     The Fizz Wi-Fi app is available for free at various online stores (Apple Store and Google Play Store).


    This change can also be applied through the Wi-Fi modem user interface:


    1. Log in at: from the web browser of any device.

    2. Log in using the following information:

    Username: cusadmin

    Password: xxxxxxxx (Password you chose during initial setup)


    3. Go to the next section to apply changes:

    Wireless ->Advanced -> 2.4 Ghz or 5Ghz -> Band Steering (Disable)


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    Did it work?

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