Having trouble making phone calls and sending text messages while roaming in the US?

David G. 82462
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Please note that currently even if you have a VoLTE compatible SIM and phone, the services aren't fully released.

Apparently, if your mobile plan was activated before March 16, currently only mobile data will be able to function and you will not be able to make any phone calls.

As a workaround, if you need to make a phone call, you can apply the following steps:

Go in your phone at: Settings -> Data mobile -> Network selection. There you can disable the automatic selection and verify if in the area you are there is any T-mobile 2G network. If there is, manually connect to it and you will be able to make phone calls and send text messages.

T-Mobile’s older 2G GSM network will be retired only as of April 2024 which allows you to be able to make phone calls and send text messages

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  • Jess_i88b6
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    Hi @David G. 82462

    It always good to remember

    Hopefully they will activate the VoLTE for everyone in couples of days/weeks.

    they announced Spring 2023

  • Andrei_ref_R7VK1
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    Sorry to hear that, but yes hopefully it will be activated for the old customers as well.

  • Sébastien code ZXEL1
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    in a few weeks for the old ones

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    Well thanks for the info

  • FizzyFizz JQMPM
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    Yeah! We still need to wait a bit, til spring 2023