Advice buying a a new car

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Hello everyone!

My girlfriend and I are looking to buy a car. I just started working, while she's been working for about 4 years. I believe together we have a good income and we both have a credit score higher than 750. We were looking for a small SUV (AWD is a must) which is reliable and doesn't break the bank. Ideally we would like to stay below 30k. The only one that stands out it's the Mazda CX-30 base model. Some of you have that car and can chime in? What else should I consider? Also, considering the current crazy prices for used cars, we would like to buy it new however the CX-30 is just above our budget. A potential solution could be pay half of it as down payment and financing the rest on a 60 months term. What do you think? Thank you


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    good research for your car

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    Hi @Andrea M. 86963

    If you're considering buying a car but currently don't own one, it's worth questioning whether you truly need it. If you only require a car for occasional trips or on weekends, renting may be a more practical and cost-effective option.

    When it comes to choosing a specific type of car, it can be challenging to make a recommendation. Ultimately, it's important to test drive different models and find one that you enjoy driving.

    Cars can be quite expensive these days, and negotiating prices may be difficult in the current market.

    Nowadays, most cars are built with good standards. However, like other things, cars are built to last for specific numbers of years. I once talked with a researcher who was founded to find the minimum thickness of autobody to ensure that rust wouldn't cause perforation before a certain number of years.

    Lastly, I really suggest renting it and test drive it for a weekend.

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    I will try test drive some cars. I don't own a car right now but I recently had bad experiences renting so I decided it's time to own one. It will be mostly used for trips during the weekend and do some groceries and things like that. We will not use it everyday to go to work...

    Thanks for you suggestions!