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I noticed when I was not able to send an SMS message how I could 'switch to MMS' and my messages would send once again, does anyone know how this works exactly? According to my knowledge this option only appears when I run out of data which makes me wonder if SMS requires data and MMS does not, also maybe a Fizz community knows how much each costs and what their tank or limit is?

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    Hi @alg

    In order to send the MMS (multimedia Messages) you need to have data, and configure correctly the APN

    You don't need data for the SMS (text messages)

    It is difficult to know how much data use your MMS, since depends on the size of your media and the compressor factor. When you open a plan with Fizz they give you a bonus for this reason, in order to be able people to use the MMS without having the data plan, however, if you send big media files or "a lot" you can end up using all your data.


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